Support service

The map fails to open

Yango Maps may fail to load for the following reasons:

  1. You are using a browser that doesn't support Yango Maps. In this case, you can see a gray rectangle on the screen.

    To fix this, install one of the supported browsers:

    • Yandex

    • Opera

    • Google Chrome

    • Internet Explorer (version 11 and above)

    • Edge

    • Mozilla Firefox

  2. JavaScript support is disabled in the browser.

    To check if JavaScript is enabled, look at the panel in the top right-hand corner: all the buttons should be visible. If only some of the buttons are visible, it means JavaScript support has been disabled.

    To learn how to enable this option, see JavaScript support.

  3. The map is blocked by your security software. For example, your firewall, antivirus, or ad blockers. The software may block images used in the map.

    It's possible that JavaScript is blocking image downloading.

    To solve the problem, make sure that the Yango Maps fragments with a size of 256 × 256 pixels are allowed for download. Allow the download if it's disabled.

    If JavaScript is blocked from downloading images, remove the block in the browser settings.

Contact support

To contact the Yango Maps support:

  1. In the top-right corner, click .

  2. Select Report an error.

  3. Select the appropriate line:

    • Service is not working: Describe exactly what actions are unavailable. Add a photo or screenshot (optional).

    • Need to add object to map: Select the type of map item and add it on the map.

    • Mistake with organization or map object: Select the map item you want to fix and describe the mistake.

  4. Click Submit.


You can also report an error in the itinerary or the place card by clicking Edit information.