Get directions

  1. Setting a route
  2. Changing the route

On Yango Maps, you can build and configure optimal routes and select your preferred mode of transportation.

Setting a route

  1. Click on the map or Route in the place card.
  2. In the side menu, enter your start (From) and end (To) points.

    You can:

    • Enter the address manually.

    • Select points on the map.

    • Use the location data. To do this, click From → Use my location.

    • Use your home or work address from My places. To do this, click From or To and select an address.

    If you need, you can change the route points. To do this, click the address and edit it.

  3. You'll see the route options in the side menu and on the map. The first option in the list is the best route according to the current Yango Maps data.

    On the map, the route is shown as:

    • For cars, taxis, and ground public transport: A line in a color reflecting traffic conditions on the route.
    • For the metro: A line in the color of the metro line.
    • For walking routes: A purple dotted line.
    • For a bicycle route: A green line or blue if riding on a motor road.
  4. Choose the route type: driving, walking, cycling, scooter, public transport, or taxi.

    To do this, click the appropriate icon.

    The route creator works with all types of public transport that operate within city limits and additionally with commuter buses and trains in some cities, for example, Belgrade, Ulaanbaatar, Bishkek.

  5. Select a route option.

    To do this, click the route in the list or the route line on the map.

  6. To see the details of a driving route or a public transport route, click Details in the side menu.

Changing the route

Change the route direction

To swap the start and end points of the route, click between the points.

Add points to the route

You can add up to eight points to your route.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the side menu, click Add a waypoint.
  2. Set a new point.

  3. To swap route points, click and drag the address where it needs to be. The route will be reset automatically.

  4. To delete a point, hover the cursor over the point you want to delete. Click , and the route will be reset.

Optimize the route

You can automatically optimize a route if:

  1. It is a pedestrian, driving, or public transport route.
  2. It consists of 4 or more points.

To do this, click Optimize in the side menu.

Your route points will remain the same, but their order may change.

Adjust a driving route

You can change your driving route. Choose your preferred driving option:

  1. Select a point along the route that you want to move and click it.
  2. Hold the left mouse button and drag the point where it needs to go. The route will be reset automatically.
  3. To delete an additional point, double-click it.