Stop card

A stop card is a toolbar with information about a public transport stop.

To open a stop card in the side menu, click the stop on the map.

Stop cards display:

  1. Buttons:
    • Click Route to create a route to the selected stop.
    • — Click to save the stop.
    • — Click to send the date to your phone and copy the stop link or its coordinates.
  2. Tabs:
    • Overview: A complete list of public transport routes that stop at the selected stop and their arrival times.
    • Schedule: A timetable for each route.

      By default, the tab displays schedules for all routes.

      To see the schedule for a specific route, click All routes and select the route. To go back to all route schedules, click Clear filter at the bottom of the stop card.

      The card shows the schedule for the current day.

      To view a schedule for another day, click Today and select a date.

      If you select a non-functioning stop, the schedule shows No boarding.

  3. Link with the name of the street where the stop is located. Click to highlight the street on the map.
  4. Click Route to create a route to the selected stop.

  5. Click Edit information to report an error. To do this, click and select an item from the list:
    • There's no stop here.
    • Incorrect stop name.
    • Stop is at a different place.
    • Incorrect set of routes.
    • Other.

    Edit the information, specify your email, and share the details in the comments if you need to. Add a photo (optional).

  6. Information about metro stations, public transport stops, and parking lots near the selected stop.