Traffic jams and traffic conditions

  1. Traffic conditions
  2. Show traffic alerts

You can monitor traffic situation on Yango Maps.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the top-right corner, click .

    You'll see the current traffic conditions on the map, and a side menu will open on the left.

  2. In the Traffic conditions line, select a time period:

    • Now: The map will display the current traffic conditions and icons with a traffic forecast for the next few hours.

      If you saved your home and work addresses, the estimated travel time from work to home and from home to work will be displayed on the panel.

      To add the places, click Add home address and Add work address.

    • Tomorrow: Move the slider to the desired position. The map will display traffic forecast based on statistical data.
    • Choose a day: In the calendar that opens, select a day. The map will display traffic forecast based on statistical data.
  3. In the Traffic restrictions line, you'll see a list of current traffic restrictions within the map view.

    Click a traffic restriction. The selected restriction will be displayed in the center of the map. The start and end dates of the restriction will be shown in the side menu.

  4. To disable the mode, click again.

Traffic conditions

The level of traffic congestion is indicated by color:

  • — Traffic is moving freely.
  • — Minor congestion.
  • — Traffic is congested.
  • — Road blocked.
  • — No reliable data.

On when the mode is on, the traffic congestion level on the scale from 1 to 10 is indicated:

  • 1 — Traffic is moving freely
  • 2 — Traffic is moving fairly freely
  • 3–4 — Some areas are congested
  • 5 — Traffic is heavy
  • 6 — Traffic is backed up
  • 7 — There are serious jams
  • 8 — Jams extend for several km
  • 9 — Traffic is at a complete standstill
  • 10 — Faster to walk

Show traffic alerts

To see roadworks, accidents, and other related events, enable the Show traffic alerts option in the top-right corner of the page.

  • — Accident.
  • — Road blocked.
  • — Other (for example, "Dangerous crossing", "Dangerous overtaking", "Pedestrians").
  • — Road works.
  • — Bridge up
  • — Future event (for example, the bridge will be up).

Click the icon to see the event message.